About Us

The Resultants™ understand the needs of company owners and leaders. Because we’ve been in your shoes, we’ve faced many of the same issues. Our successes and failures have helped us create a simple process that will help your company move further, faster.

Our History

For 20 years, The Resultants™ have been privileged to serve entrepreneurial owners and their leadership teams as facilitators, advisors and coaches. Learn more about how it all began and view some of the highlights that brought us here.

The Resultants History

Steve and Terri Wilcox founded Resultants For Business, Inc. (RFB) in 1999, after 25 years of developing, growing and selling multiple businesses of their own.  True entrepreneurs with a passion for business, they set out to help other owners get what they want out of their business – both personally and professionally.  Having been on all levels of the entrepreneurial playing field, they understand and appreciate the unique needs of owners and the teams they rely on. Incorporating time-tested concepts, systems and tools from the likes of Jim Collins, Verne Harnish and Patrick Lencioni, the Wilcox’s launched a non-traditional business advisory firm that has served hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals over the years.

From its inception, RFB sought to fill a void in the marketplace created by “traditional business consultants” who focused exclusively on Strategic Planning and neglected the most important part of all… the implementation or the strategic EXECUTION of the plan.  The Wilcox’s positioned RFB as the Team Behind Your Team™, coaching leadership beyond the planning process, diving into the “trenches” and delivering a proven system with customized tools for developing high-performing teams.

Steve explains, “Looking back, I remember how much I wanted to help entrepreneurs and their families leverage their businesses to make a difference, not only for themselves, but for others. As we’ve grown and evolved, our foundational core values have helped guide us and have attracted like-minded team members and partners.  It hasn’t always been smooth sailing and we’ve hit the ceiling ourselves so many times that you’d think we’d have permanent concussions. But that’s the unique gift most entrepreneurs have in common … we bounce back.  We learn, grow, re-invent, rebuild, find new momentum, push boundaries and break through barriers.  And we proudly redefine ‘resiliency’ as we go.”

After a little over a decade of serving clients, Steve was challenged by a long-time business associate as to the future state of the firm … would he and Terri simply close the doors someday, or would they expand, bring on partners and create a transferrable asset?  Steve says this question hit him like a lightning bolt between the eyes.  It prompted him to re-examine and re-imagine his vision for the company.  This was the catalyst that triggered the evolution of today’s scalable firm model and cloud-based service platform.

And what a journey it has been!  The team has grown as we’ve expanded our services and our reach. Our passion for business and improving the lives of those we serve remains stronger than ever and we are excited for all that the future holds. Marking our 20thAnniversary in 2019, we freshened up our look and trimmed down our name to The Resultants™.  Of course, The Resultants are still “FOR” Business. That will never change.

Historical Highlights:

  • April 1, 1999: our first client engagement kicks off (no foolin’). Our name was created because Steve and Terri did not want to be consultants (defined as individuals who step in to do projects and hand off binders full of strategic advice for a fee). We’re all about building long term relationships with owners and understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes.
  • 2001: Steve and Terri develop the Owner Strategy methodology, meeting with owners on a consistent basis to facilitate strategy meetings. From this evolved the execution meetings for leadership teams and 1-on-1 coaching specific to owners.
  • 2002: The Wilcox’s create their unique brand of Strategic Planning with an emphasis on building a foundation based on mission, vision and core values.
  • 2004: Steve creates a visioning process that could be adapted to private companies, non-profits, schools and churches. Terri builds out the content adding it to their Strategic Planning method. Since then, the Wilcox’s continue to travel the world teaching this program to Rotary groups.
  • 2006: Jane Drigans joins the team and is instrumental in shaping and redefining today’s firm model.  Jane holds the company record for occupying the most seats on the bus; in recent years being promoted to Chief Operating Officer / Integrator and is on track to make Partner.
  • 2011: We adopt and introduce the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to clients and it becomes a primary offering in our toolkit.  A strategic partnership is formed with Business Advisor, Paul Cronin.
  • 2012: Our integrated technology, marketing and services platform migrates to the cloud, which allows our clients an effective and confidential communication platform.
  • 2012: We partner with the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association as Terri Wilcox writes, develops and presents a unique Leadership Institute for future leaders in the Green Industry. Today, it continues expanding to other associations.
  • 2013: Chad Haldeman joins the team, going on to become Senior Business Advisor, Business Development/Sales Leader and is currently on track to make Partner
  • 2014: We team up with Business Advisor, Jerry Olson, who goes on to become a lead advisor, speaker and BATC Leadership Institute instructor.  Kiira (Wilcox) Pederson joins the team, taking Client Services and P&P to a new level.  Later in the year, Jenelle Dehmlow comes on board and helps revolutionize the role of Client Account Manager (CAM), raising the bar on relationship management.
  • 2015: We hit new heights as we continue to expand our client base, grow our business advisory team and add the Value Builder System™ to our client services toolkit. Now we’re connecting dots for our clients; from growth all the way through exit strategies.
  • 2016: A year of change as we re-define and re-align our vision and leadership.  Katie Pierce joins our team, helps breathe new life into our marketing efforts and eventually advances to a dual role as Marketing Manager / Client Account Manager.
  • 2017: Colette Belisle joins our team, bringing with her an international business experience.
  • 2018: We welcome Peter Beaumont and Paul Moen to our Business Advisory Team. And once again, our foundational core values help guide us having attracted like-minded team members and partners.
  • 2019: Our 20th Anniversary inspires a brand refresh and a year long celebration
Our Partners

We are not consultants and we don’t claim to be experts in everything. Instead, we provide our clients with a vast network of reliable and vetted partners of all industries so you and your company can continue to move forward.

Leadership Education

Not every business has a fully-functional senior leadership team. We believe in developing all levels of employees so they can reach their full potential and become the next generation to move your business forward.