Our History

Steve and Terri Wilcox created The Resultants in 1999 after developing, growing and selling multiple businesses. They took time-tested concepts and tools from the likes of Jim Collins, Verne Harnish and Patrick Lencioni and created a process that has proven time and time again to help companies build value and achieve personal and professional success.

Having been on all levels of the entrepreneurial playing field, they truly understand the unique needs of entrepreneurs and the teams they rely on. Over the years, The Resultants has grown into a team of Business Advisors, all with C-Suite experience but with varied backgrounds and industries. This firm model, currently the only one in the Twin Cities market, allows The Resultants team to lean on each other when clients are facing different types of issues in Sales Production, Operations, Recruitment, etc. The Resultants affectionately called this approach “The Team Behind Your Team”. Instead of one coach, their clients have the support of the entire Resultants team, all of whom live and breathe the same core values and have the best interest of the business in mind.

The Resultants Core Values

  1. Ethical Execution
  2. Fearless Leadership through a Professional Presence
  3. The Team Behind Your Team
  4. Mastery
  5. We Care
  6. Balance

The Resultants Mission

Building teams of great people that positively change lives.