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Momentum Over Perfection

Author: Steve Wilcox - Sept 2014


I am often reminded of the day I was summoned to the bank by a loan officer stating that the President wished to talk with me.  At the time I was in my late 20’s, an entrepreneur with a few business entities and about 30 employees. What went through my mind was that he was calling my notes even though I was current on my accounts.  Nervously I headed downtown to the bank.  As I entered many recognized me and nodded toward the President’s office.  As I approached he met me at the door with a businesslike look on his face and directed me to a seat opposite his desk, then closed the door.  Standing near the door he said, “Wilcox, you move forward so fast that the mistakes you make are so far behind you that they become meaningless!”

I sat looking at him with a look of shock and relief as I muttered, “Thank you……I think!”  I had no understanding of what he had just said but it appeared not to have anything to do with my banking relationship.

THIS was my first introduction to Momentum Over Perfection.

My banker proceeded to sit down and explain his comment.  In this early chapter in my entrepreneurial life, he impressed on me the importance of forward momentum and how most folks entering into an endeavor become bogged down by detail and ensuring that all their efforts are error free.   During this period of focus on perfection they can run out of money, run out of enthusiasm, and ultimately run out of momentum.  For those of you growing a business, watch out for perfection because it may end up being your downfall.

Do you agree – have you ever found yourself hung-up or stalled by the pursuit of perfection?  What were lessons you learned early on as a new business owner that have stood the test of time?  Feel free to share your comments on LinkedIn! 


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