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NEW Service Offering: Launching RFB® Value Acceleration

Author: Steve Wilcox - Apr 2016

We are excited to introduce a new RFB® service offering.

Last year, we began looking for ways to prove and improve in the area of ROI. Based on feedback received from our wonderful clients and their leadership teams, we realized we must all better define “Building Value” so that everyone stays on the same page and moves their long-term strategy forward. When asked to define the word “value” everyone seems to have a slightly different definition which leads to various standards of acceptance (what is value according to my company, my industry and when is it reached?).

After months of researching, studying, getting certified and licensing, we are launching RFB’s Value Acceleration. This is a model program that helps you measure actual value based on defined drivers. Now you can receive tangible results in the form of scores (through statistically proven algorithms from metrics gathered from over 18,000 businesses). We have the tools and exercises that will keep you focused on driving value from a strategic level. No longer will your leadership team guess at what might be valuable or assume that ROI is either met or not met.

We start by having the owner take a questionnaire that gives us an overall value score. In a study of the purchase offers of more than 20,000 businesses, the average multiple owners received was 3.55 times pre-tax profits. However when we isolate just those businesses with a Value Builder Score™ of at least 80, the average offer increases to 6.1 times pre-tax profit – almost double the average. There is now objective, quantifiable proof that improving your value-defined score can make your business worth more.

This program is not intended just for those few who might want to sell their businesses…

Our program is intended to create laser focus that most leadership teams need in order to keep their eye on building that ROI while also managing the day-to-day responsibilities. Other objectives include:

  • to prove that your long term strategy is building value over time,
  • to make the business more valuable than your industry peers,
  • to discover what is considered your greatest assets as well as uncover those silent killers that might be undermining your value building efforts.

We are excited to add this to our existing services because it is truly an enhancement and dove tails with the Traction our clients gain through RFB’s Strategic Execution model.

What’s Your Score?

If you are a Business Owner / CEO of a privately held, small to medium size business, I’d like to invite you to Get Your Score.  The Value Builder Score™ questionnaire typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete, after which you’ll instantly receive your score (out of 100).  Whether you want to sell your business for a premium now, or simply know that you are on track for building a valuable asset for the future, getting your free Value Builder Score™ gives you an immediate gauge.

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President of Resultants For Business, Steve Wilcox, is an entrepreneurial owner, Business Advisor, EOS Implementer, and Certified Value Builder Coach. Connect with Steve and other RFB® Business Development Advisors here, or on LinkedIn.

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