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Guest Author - David Mann - Nov 2019

Ultimately, what’s the goal we’re all chasing? Closing the sale. Plain and simple. That’s where everything we do in our businesses is aimed. We’d love it if everyone who heard about our products or services would simply see the greatness and sign on. But we know that doesn’t happen. You can have the most valuable and unique services imaginable but still lose sales. Why is that?

More often than any other single thing, the reason is that your prospective clients don’t understand your value fast enough. Or they’re lumping you in with the other companies in your space even though you’re different. They go to your website or hear you speak and they can’t really understand what you do and why they need it. You need a simpler, cleaner and more focused message. It’s easy to know that’s true and another thing to actually do it.

What Brought Them There Won’t Get Them Engaged

When a prospective client visits your website, they’re curious. Something brought them there. We often assume they’re thinking, “Who are you?” We assume they want to know about us and so the first words and paragraphs will answer that question. “We have these services! We have a great track record of success! We value customer service and all our people are amazing!” But the truth is that the prospective client isn’t actually thinking “Who are you?” They’re thinking, “How are you going to help me?” They’ve got something they’re trying to work out that’s on their mind all day. They’re hoping you’ll be the answer.

But if they have to work too hard to figure out how you’re going to be their dream come true, they’ll move on. And that can happen in the few seconds it takes them to read a sentence like “we offer a comprehensive service that delivers results that will help you drive revenue when you partner with our accomplished team of professionals.” And that self-focused approach to messaging can bleed into your sales material, your live presentations, your podcasts and blogs and the way your own team talks about your company at networking events. It’s a lot of nonsense business language designed to say everything to everyone … while actually saying nothing at all.

One Step to Grabbing Their Attention

Develop a message that speaks to the client’s needs immediately. The phrase can be short and specific such as “Make Your Business Go Further, Faster™” as used by The Resultants. Or from 1-800-GOT-JUNK, the phrase is “Goodbye junk. Hello relief.” Those phrases say something useful, something specific, and something that resonates with the actual problem the prospect is having at that moment.

Once those phrases are found, they can become the spine of whole presentations. They can become the driving concept behind your marketing material. And they can even become the centerpiece of your company identity.

Words matter. Clients are paying attention. And your company deserves to be heard.

Guest author, David Mann, is a story specialist and owner of A Simple Message. To learn more about David, visit his website, asimplemessage.com.

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