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Trouble in Recruiting Paradise?

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

This is a difficult time for any company looking to add to their teams, which is pretty much every company we talk to. Even before the pandemic, labor markets were especially tight. Now, many employers are having trouble finding and keeping people on their staff to do the work. In the current construction market, where the demand is high and the supply is low, builders could be as busy as they want to be. But the real kicker is that in reality, builders are only as busy as they want to be IF they can find and retain the people to do the work.

What can you do position your company at the front of the line for qualified people when they are considering a new job? Strategies and tactics that worked in 2019 likely aren’t getting the results you need in 2021. And, far too often, many companies simply tweak the edges of tactics rather than changing strategies. However, now is the time for change.

Here are four easy changes that every employer can make to attract the most qualified workers.

1. Have a Clear Recruiting Plan and Established Timeline

Start by setting a deadline. If your initial recruiting tactics aren’t getting the results you hoped for by that specified date, move to the next step in your plan. Far too often, employers are too slow to move to more aggressive recruiting strategies.

Your plan should start with modest, low-cost methods as well as triggers to know when you need to move to more robust options. A progressive schedule might look like:

  1. Internal recruiting on your website and through current employees for 2 weeks

  2. Posting on your preferred recruiting site for 2 weeks

  3. Hiring a staffing firm

  4. Engaging a recruiter

Whatever your tactics, be quick to move from one level to the next to avoid the high costs of lost opportunities.

2. Know How You Stack up to Your Competitors

In a tight labor market, employers who aren’t keeping up on what’s happening with pay and benefits can quickly fall behind. Do you know where your pay and benefits stack up with your competitors? If not, find out. It does not serve any business well for leaders to have their head in the sand by saying “we can’t afford to change our pay or benefits”. The right employee is worth it.

3. Portray the Right Image

Do you know what your image as an employer looks like? What do your website and social media posts say to potential employees? Businesses today must ensure their brand is attractive not only to potential customers but future employees as well. Investing in marketing strategies and tactics towards the labor market can pay big dividends.

One very important area to keep an eye on is online reviews. Are you monitoring your Google, Facebook and Glass Door reviews? Employers who aren’t actively managing their image can quickly be hurt by a single viral review or unanswered negative comment. Identify someone in the company who can check in on these sites to ensure all reviews and comments are being addressed in a timely manner.

4. Maintain Your Company’s Culture

Is your company’s culture attractive to the people you want to employ? Every organization has a culture, whether it is intentionally designed and actively created or inadvertently allowed. For example, if your organization tolerates bad behavior and poor performance because you feel you can’t afford to lose any employees, a negative culture is allowed that will impact people.

The culture always significantly impacts recruiting and retention. What does your company value? How are those values brought to life in specific behaviors of employees that are recognized and rewarded?

Upping your game and being open to executing new tactics will have a significant impact on your recruiting and retention. Some of it will take time. Best that you start today!

Author, Jerry Olson, is a Business Advisor with The Resultants™. To learn more about Jerry, visit our Team Page or connect with him on Linkedin.


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