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Resultants Research is committed to providing entrepreneurs and action-oriented business owners timely, relevant trends and information to assist them in making important decisions.

Business Owners:

A study of over 30,000 businesses showed that companies achieving a Value Builder Score of 80+ (out of a possible 100) go on to sell at a 71% premium compared to average-scoring businesses. Whether you want to sell your business for a premium now, or simply know that you are on track for building a valuable asset for the future, getting your Value Builder Score gives you an immediate gauge. Get your Value Builder Score and download the Sellability Tracker report today.

Leadership Team Members:

For some companies the Leadership Team is made up of founders and/or partners. For others, the team includes executives; and for others, managers of departments. Whichever makeup your team has – understand that this is the group that meets to determine and drive the overall strategies of the company. And how the leadership performs, so goes the company… If you are a part of your company’s Leadership Team, we invite you to take a performance survey to see how your team is doing.

Owners: Get Your Value Builder Score

Your company is probably your largest asset. But unlocking the value in your business can be tricky. For you to cash out, someone has to want to buy the company you’ve created. That’s where The Value Builder Score comes in. The Value Builder Score is an assessment tool that allows you to see your company as a buyer would see it.

Owners: Get Your Value Builder Score

The Sellability Tracker Report

The Sellability Tracker research is the most comprehensive study of the liquidity and health of the private business markets globally. This study, conducted by the team at The Value Builder System™, reveals an analysis of the acquisition offers presented to more than 30,000 businesses between 2012-2017.

Leadership Team Performance Survey

There comes a time when successful, growth oriented companies require more than just the founder to meet, strategize and solve issues. This strategic responsibility lands on what we call the “Leadership Team.” If you are a part of your company’s Leadership Team, we invite you to take this survey to see how your team is doing and to receive tips & solutions.

Leadership Team Performance Survey

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