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RFB Celebrates Success  

Author: Terri Wilcox - Jun 2015

RFB Celebrates TEAM

We put a different twist to our 2nd annual appreciation event, “Celebrate Success”. We turned it into an activity fun fest for our clients and partners, and held it at BASE CAMP, the Northern Star Council’s newest program facility, located at Fort Snelling.


It’s all about Teamwork

One of our core values at Resultants For Business is the “Team Behind Your Team”.  For us that means our Resultants Team works hard to support leadership in reaching their goals. This year the event was all about team and how FUN helps teams push harder toward an organization’s goals.

So we pushed many outside their comfort zone starting with the invitation. When some read about our Team Challenge and the special activities we had planned, their initial reaction was one of skepticism. Let’s face it, most of us prefer the “usual”… an open house with appetizers, drinks and networking time. But for others, right out of the gates they took the invite as a team-building opportunity and readily accepted the challenge. If you were present, you quickly came to the conclusion that it WAS a fun way to experience a team challenge.

Another one of our core values at RFB is continuous learning. We wanted our guests to actually experience what it means to work hard within a group challenge while having fun:

  • To strategize and quickly plan who was going to be responsible for which challenge
  • To trust that the strengths of each individual on the team would help gain momentum for the overall good and that not everyone on the team needs to be responsible for the same challenges. To realize right people at the right game stations allowed your team to perform optimally and not waste time.
  • To encourage team mates to give it their all and in some cases, improve their scores
  • To really get the feel for how watching a scorecard helps to keep us focused on the goal (and even makes some of us a bit more competitive… won’t mention any names)
  • To realize that moving outside our comfort zone can be a fun experience, especially when your teammates are cheering for you and encouraging you to try
  • To realize that every one of us made a difference to the team effort…whether we knew our team mates well or had just met
  • And that FUN MAKES A DIFFERENCE to our productivity and the end results!


We want to thank all of you who stretched beyond your comfort zone and tried out the games: archery, the climbing wall, the high ropes, the Lego build (only an engineer would find a glitch in the system), the maze challenge, the human sew, the football throw, and the nylon putting. What a hoot and we have pictures to prove it! Thanks to the Boy Scout’s Base Camp… this Wacky Olympics could not have happened without this environment.

The food was great, thanks to Rudoph’s Barbeque.  Thanks to Rod Radke Photography for being there to capture the fun and photograph our teams.  And thank you to Stevie Ray, nationally syndicated columnist, author and comedian, for MCing the evening and entertaining the teams as they took on the challenges.

Finally, congratulations to 3 clients who were the recipients of these RFB Awards:

  • The Pace Setter Award – given to the Company with a leadership team that consistently stays ahead of pace: Airworthy Aerospace, Inc.
  • Shifting the Curve Award – given to a Company that achieved the greatest positive change in momentum: The Burchfield Group
  • The People’s Award – given to a company that consistently exemplifies their Core Values and Purpose/Passion, instilling it into their organization on all levels with a focus on right people / right seats: Core Products International


A note about Celebrate Success 2016:

We are listening to you. We sent out a short feedback survey to our clients and partners asking their preference for when to hold our next annual appreciation event. You told us that early May and mid to late afternoon start time is what works best for most – so stay tuned. We’ll let you know next year’s date and time soon.

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