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The Resultants™ advocate for the best interest of your company. We work alongside business leaders to implement a simple process that has proven time and time again to help companies like yours move further, faster to thrive and sustain over time.

Accelerate Your Business

All businesses are different, but they share three key components, vision, people and data. When these components are working together effectively, life in business is great. But how often does that happen? Without continual attention and a disciplined system, it’s not very often at all.

The Resultants Can Accelerate Your Business™

All businesses have some sort of vision, whether it’s a future goal or a guiding principle. They have people, including leadership and staff working within the business every day as well as trusted partners. And they have some sort of data, comprised of whatever information they’re recording and analyzing to help make business decisions.

When any one of the three isn’t working, the whole system can’t operate at its maximum potential. The business suffers, the owners and leadership team become stressed and the ideal future vision remains out of reach.

The Resultants™ can accelerate your business through these trying times and back into success with our proven methodology. As your Facilitator, Educator and Coach, our Business Advisors provide the experience and tools, along with structure and disciplines, to gain real traction toward achieving your vision. These tools are customized to the organization and can be executed immediately to make strategically smart decisions and keep everyone aligned and accountable.

Build More Value

Imagine two similar businesses growing at the same pace year after year. Suddenly, a disruption to the industry halts their success. One owner identified and worked through the issue and now enjoys regular vacations to Florida whereas the other owner is still working 70-hour weeks.

The Resultants Can Build More Value™

How did two similar businesses go in two completely different directions? Well, one owner decided to implement a process that addressed the most important issues first whereas the other owner just kept doing what she had always done.

The Resultants™ can build more value in your business and help you achieve success, whether that means selling your business and sailing off into the sunset or helping it operate more efficiently so you aren’t working 70-hour weeks. Using the Value Builder System™ as a common platform and toolkit, your Business Advisor supports you as a guide, mentor, accountability partner and coach. We will work with you to assess and improve the value of your company resulting in more freedom over your time and money as well as allowing you to get back to the reasons you started your business in the first place.

The first step towards building a more valuable company is to get your Value Builder Score …

Plan For Transitions

A company represents an owner’s largest asset and an entrepreneur’s pride and joy. It is your primary source of income and the vehicle for accumulating and transferring wealth. In other words, the company represents your way of life and has done so successfully for many years.

The Resultants Can Help You Plan For Transitions™

What about when you’re ready to move onto the next chapter in your life? Is your company ready for your departure? Is your family?

Studies show only 1 in 10 owners have enjoyed a successful exit from their business. These owners followed a model, complete with discipline, tools and a schedule to ensure their exit went as smoothly as possible.

The Resultants™ can help you plan for transitions by acting as an “owner advocate”. Your Business Advisor will facilitate and guide you through transition and exit planning and will help you define and ensure desired outcomes … both personal and business.