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Will Your Vision Ensure Your Company’s Survival?

Author - Jerry Olson - February 2020
Every business faces an existential dilemma. Its founder(s) conceived the business with a plan for where they want to go. They’ve dreamed of making a difference in the world but in most cases, that dream never becomes reality. Small Business Administration (SBA) statistics show only half of new businesses are still operating five years after they start and only one…
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Perfecting Your Message

Guest Author - David Mann - Nov 2019
Ultimately, what’s the goal we’re all chasing? Closing the sale. Plain and simple. That’s where everything we do in our businesses is aimed. We’d love it if everyone who heard about our products or services would simply see the greatness and sign on. But we know that doesn’t happen. You can have the most valuable and unique services imaginable but…

Marketing “Hacks”: Proven Techniques

Author: Mark Capaldini - Sept 2014
These techniques are tried and true.  In my work as a CEO and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) I have implemented all the techniques described below.  They work.  They are inexpensive.  And you can easily use them in your business.  They combine your knowledge of your customers, external data, and simple software to achieve consistent results.  The recent explosion in databases…
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