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The Resultants Strategy regarding COVID-19

An Update for our Clients and Colleagues - 3/27/2020

As our communities and most of the world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you that the Resultants team is doing everything we can to support our team, client organizations, and partners. So much has happened in a very short period of time and we understand you may have questions about how we are conducting business in this new environment.

We are focused on keeping ourselves and the businesses we serve healthy and safe, while remaining flexible and adaptable to the changing environment. Here is how we are addressing business operations, services and the health and wellness of teams:

  • We are following the CDC recommendations for workforce management.  The Resultants Advisor, Terri Wilcox, HR Certified, is closely following and monitoring CDC updates and advisories and keeps our team informed. We encourage you to read these resources:
  • Our entire team is accustomed to working remotely. We continuously work with our tech service provider to ensure our cloud-based technology and communication platform remains secure, stable, and accessible to our team members and clients. This platform readily enables remote video conferencing and meeting management.
    • Our team is equipped to work from home in a secure and productive environment.
    • As this has become an urgent need for all businesses to consider, we encourage our clients and partners to consult with their tech service provider to ensure they have the security systems and protocols in place to exercise this option.
  • We have always had a “2-deep” philosophy. We’ve cross-trained our teams and are able to jump in for one another as needed. Our model, platform and systems allow us to continue to deliver the same services and tools no matter who steps in. Our Team Behind The Team™ approach means we have our clients’ back with a depth of talent ready and willing to offer support.
  • We are a close team, but at this time we are “social distancing”.
    • We are working with clients and partners to convert group meetings to video conferencing.
    • We have temporarily closed our corporate office to the public.
    • We are rescheduling social activities and large group meetings.

We rely on our core values to help guide our decision making, plans and actions.  In the face of these unprecedented challenges, we will do what we do best: we advocate for the best interest of the business so it can move further, faster to thrive and sustain over time.

Most importantly, we want to express our concern for you, your families, the other important people in your lives and our communities. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.


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