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Author: Steve Wilcox - Oct 2015

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmm…

Is your parking, entry, reception area and service an accurate reflection of your culture and core values; creating a welcoming environment for your guest? Or are you giving the message to valued clients, associates and visitors: “Go to the back of the lot!”

As business leaders we tend to notice things that make us go hmmmm. A long-time client of RFB observed this “Customer Service” example during a stop at the Federal Aviation Administration recently. We’ll call him Charles (yes, the name has been changed to protect the innocent). As Charles went to park, he noticed all the parking spots near the building were numbered and reserved for the FAA employees. Then toward the back of the building he found signs pleasantly directing him to the back of the lot.

VisitorParking           VisitorParking2


Isn’t it funny how we forgive such behavior (or not) from our government agencies that are created with the intention of serving us? This example should cause each of us, as business leaders, to think about our own environment. We “forgive” the government for a variety of reasons not appropriate for such a blog, but perhaps we should pay attention to the irony associated with such an example and scrutinize our own business environment.

For the FAA, awesome customer service apparently is not associated with the culture, core values and brand of the agency. However, for most organizations, customer service is a defining thread of culture, core values and brand. Many are viewing this example with a smile and an uneasiness recognizing the true message it sends visitors. Is it giving you pause to think about the message being sent to your customers, clients or visitors as they approach your place of business? Hmmmm?

Do you have an example of something that has made you stop and go hmmmm, lately? Connect with me on LinkedIn and tell me about it! Photos / visual aids are always appreciated.


President of Resultants For Business, Steve Wilcox, is an entrepreneurial owner, Business Advisor and EOS Implementer. Connect with Steve and other RFB® Business Development Advisors here, or on LinkedIn.

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