Businesses may feel maxed out, fearful, stuck. We’ve lived that, failed and grown. We’re here to help. We advocate for the best interest of the business so it can adjust course, sustain and move further, faster.


Real Success Stories

Our reputation is what defines us. We have more than 100 years of combined experience coaching organizations through developmental stages while strategically planning for the future.

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Who We Are

Our team of experienced Business Advisors hasn’t just done it, we’ve lived it. That experience combined with a track record of helping companies achieve results is what makes us unlike any other.

Our Greatest Need is ...

The current crisis is far from over. What will next year bring? How can we take our learnings from 2020 to better prepare for what may come? Read the full post from Business Advisor, Terri Wilcox.

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Our Results

"The Resultants helped us to discover the opportunities within our business that we have been overlooking for years. They are simply as good as it gets!"