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Accelerate Your Business


All businesses have some sort of vision, whether it’s a future goal or a guiding principle. They have people, including leadership and staff working within the business every day as well as trusted partners. And they have some sort of data, comprised of whatever information they’re recording and analyzing to help make business decisions.


When any one of the three isn’t working, the whole system can’t operate at its maximum potential. The business suffers, the owners and leadership team become stressed and the ideal future vision remains out of reach.


The Resultants® can accelerate your business towards success. As your Facilitator and Coach, our experienced Business Advisors can help you clarify and align your company’s vision and strategic direction through time-tested, universal business concepts and tools. These tools are customized to your organization and can be executed immediately to make strategically smart decisions and keep everyone aligned and accountable. Our proven and effective operating model helps drive discipline and accountability deep into your organization, resulting in improved execution.

"What a difference a year makes! We got more done in the first year with The Resultants than we did in several years prior. I am impressed."

Bill Wetzel, CEO
United Business Mail

"I would recommend The Resultants to any business looking to scale and drive profitable growth."

Shane Steffensen, COO & GM
Lube-Tech, Inc.

“Without The Resultants, we would never have had such immediate results in both implementation of new processes and resolving issues."

Ken Nash, Owner
ProSource Wholesale

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