The Resultants™ team of Business Advisors hasn’t just done it, we’ve lived it. Each of our unique experiences combined with a proven track record of helping move companies further, faster is what makes working with our team unlike any other.


As you can see, we like to have fun! We even made it one of our Core Values. Keep reading to learn more about "The Team Behind the Team™".


Senior Business Advisor | President

Running your business is like racing a sailboat or at least, this is how I view it. As owners, we are out to effectively compete, but we can’t do it alone. We need a team of highly capable individuals, all understanding their roles and knowing when to contribute to the overall effort.


COO | Integrator

I believe communication is the key ingredient for successful organizations that want to improve, lead and deal with the many changes and challenges we face in the world of business today.


Business Advisor

For entrepreneurial owners, gaining the freedom from working in their business so they can work on their business is the key to moving the organization further, faster. This is my mission, not only as a business advisor but also as an owner of my own company.


Business Advisor

When you partner with a team of like-minded business leaders, we share a joint success that exponentially builds to much greater results.



Business Advisor

Every person and organization face challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of progress toward their goals. I’ve faced those challenges, stumbled and grown. Using my experience to help others overcome these challenges, grow faster and go further is deeply satisfying.


SHRM Certified-SCP
Business Advisor

I look at every business we serve as having its own unique personality. What powers this uniqueness, as well as what can hold a business back, is found within that personality.


Senior Business Advisor

We help companies clarify a singular vision for the organization, align around that vision, build a plan to reach their dreams, then execute that plan and drive growth. As one member of a client leadership team said, “… we have gotten more done in the last six months with Chad and The Resultants than we did the previous two years on our own!"


Client Account Manager

I believe providing a personal touch is an important part of serving clients and making them feel like part of the family. Going the extra mile is what I strive for with every client.


Marketing Manager | Client Account Manager

Marketing is so much more than just “something we’ll get to when we have time” or designing an ad or flyer. What I genuinely enjoy is being able to provide some of that insight to my clients.


Executive Assistant | Client Account Manager

From day to day tasks to building and maintaining business and community relationships, every company needs an individual strategy complete with supporting tactics and measurements. I take pride in supporting and contributing to leadership teams who recognize not only these aspects but also strive to continuously develop and value their people.



I am my best self when I’m collaborating with a group towards a common goal. I love to be part of a team because it’s more fun to go somewhere together.

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