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Running a company is hard. It can be extremely fulfilling and positively challenging but it can be lonely and exhausting as well.


The Resultants® understand the needs of company owners and leaders. Because we’ve been in your shoes, we’ve faced many of the same issues. Our successes and failures have helped us create a simple process that will help your company move further, faster.


Since  1999, we have been privileged to serve entrepreneurial owners and their leadership teams as facilitators, advisors and coaches. Learn more about how it all began and view some of the highlights that brought us here.


We take pride in our core values. Each member of our team lives and breathes these six statements. We take our core values into account when partnering with like-minded businesses and even with potential clients.


Not every business has a fully-functional senior leadership team. We believe in developing all levels of employees so they can reach their full potential and become the next generation to move your business forward.

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