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Client Account Manager

I’m a true believer in continuous improvement… challenging what has always been done to find room for growth and building something better.  As technology stretches the boundaries of what is possible, companies need real-time innovation to keep up.  

The agility to deliver change comes with the integration of every facet of the business as a part of the bigger picture, for the benefit of the whole organization.  Being able to be part of that kind of transformation is exactly what drew me to the Client Account Manager role here at The Resultants.  Supporting a team, keeping track of all the details and providing guidance through the process are things I enjoy.


I have a breadth of experience focused on team, customer and company.  I’ve owned businesses, freelanced, worked as an assistant and volunteered for countless positions with PTO’s, sports teams, and Girl Scouts.   No matter the industry or the job title, I thrive on being a helper - a knowledgeable resource you can count on.


Summer days find me in my native perennial garden or enjoying our fleeting summers on bike or paddle board.  I’m often in a rink or on a field cheering and taking pictures for my son’s HS soccer, hockey and lacrosse teams.  I love time spent with family and friends playing games and listening to live music.  We are also part of the Minnesota United MINIs group and enjoy our annual New London to New Brighton run every year!

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