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Executive Assistant | Client Account Manager

I believe a successful business requires strong ethical leaders, thoughtfully constructed business processes and a healthy work-life balance. From day to day tasks to building and maintaining business and community relationships, every company needs an individual strategy complete with supporting tactics and measurements. I take pride in supporting and contributing to leadership teams who recognize not only these aspects but also strive to continuously develop and value their people.


I have 10+ years of experience working with Executive Leadership teams in a multi-divisional public corporation. Through this experience, I’ve built an inventory of knowledge about a variety of businesses and people, which is why I have an ideal “dual role” at The Resultants™. As an Executive Assistant, I support the Leadership Team and as a Client Account Manager, I provide support to Business Advisors and Client Leadership Teams.

The Resultants set themselves apart from other businesses and are truly charting the course for so many, both personally and professional. The high level of dedication and importance placed on each and every business served was evident to me within the first year. This is a really great team of incredible people with amazing, combined talents and experiences just waiting to teach the next person The Resultants “A.R.T.” of Business™.


Outside of working hours, you will find me connecting outdoors. I’m passionate about sustaining the parks and rivers we all enjoy and regularly partner with local organizations to help others experience, educate and protect our environment and resources. In the summer and fall, chances are I’m in a boat or kayak, hiking a waterfall or exploring the Apostle Islands with my best friend. In the winter, we enjoy skiing the Rockies, attending concerts and traveling to learn more about historical sites and parks.


“In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Empathy | Adaptability | Developer | Consistency | Discipline

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