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“We had hit a ceiling, had no management structure, no accountability for decision-making and a laissez faire partnership. We had an ambiguous vision and a serious hangover from a long-fought lawsuit that was settled. Employee confidence was damaged and the company had a lack of spark. I had committed to a new process, but I did not trust the follow-through of self-implementation. I received some recommendations, interviewed a number of providers and ultimately chose The Resultants – the one that seemed most likely to work with my company.

As a leader, you probably don’t hear how things really are, as much as how you feel they ought to be. An outside perspective is probably the only way to get at that reality.

As a result of working with The Resultants, there is a more deliberate decision-making process in place today than ever before. New hires have been made using better profiles; we have re-positioned desired employees and eliminated employees that no longer fit the culture or their defined roles. Management infrastructure and reporting lines are established. We now have focus and a clearer vision.


Bjorn Johan Rosenberg, CEO

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