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Finance & Administration Manager 

Being a life-long learner is important to me and I enjoy a challenge I can grow and learn from. As the Finance and Administration Manager, I provide actionable financial reporting and keep us up to date on business compliance. I’ve been accused of being “like a dog on a bone” in my efforts to flesh out the intent of those compliance measures and what they mean for business on a strategic level. 


As an avid adopter of technology and innovation, I've helped companies research and apply technology to their businesses while being careful to preserve the personal touch needed to care for their clients.  I enjoy watching their productivity grow through newfound freedoms.  

Prior to working with The Resultants®, I wore many hats as an Office Controller working with a leadership team at a small family business.  I also started my own accounting business, working to help other entrepreneurs thrive.  


When I’m not working you will find me somewhere away from all the noise of life: in my gardens or on a kayak or float-boat lazily drifting down the Red Cedar River.  I enjoy live theater and when I’m not enjoying it from the seats, I help backstage, operating fly lines and working as Deck Captain; and I’ve even had the opportunity to act onstage. As for team sports, hockey is my favorite way to spend a cold winter evening.  Any college hockey is great and when it comes to professional; Go Wild! 


 “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  

~ Ferris Bueller 

Learner | Belief | Responsibility | Developer | Achiever

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