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Senior Business Advisor | Executive Business Coach | Certified Value Builder™

Running your business is like racing a sailboat or at least, this is how I view an entrepreneur running their business. As owners, we are out to effectively compete, but we can’t do it alone. We need a team of highly capable individuals, all understanding their roles and knowing when to contribute to the overall effort. These abilities help create the power and momentum to move through the water as efficiently and effectively as we can, preventing the drag we see in other boats. And what a rush! This is what the entrepreneurial spirit is all about.

Our businesses must be fast and nimble. The drag is what hurts our growth, development and the chance to build value over time. When I work with owners and their leadership teams, I help facilitate that racing team dynamic by building out the operating system that can propel the organization forward, past the barriers and past traditions of the way it’s always been done.

My past business experiences in owning, building and transitioning out of half a dozen businesses created agility… a skill I help my client leadership teams develop. My wife and I have managed each and every one of our varied businesses so we understand the family side as well as the ownership-team dynamic. We’ve been there in the trenches, lived it, failed and grown.

Having coached entrepreneurial owners for over 20 years helps me to facilitate teams to better manage through the winds of change that hit us, forcing us to course correct. I persistently push teams to go further. I have a passion for business and an excitement for entrepreneurship. When I engage with another business team, my mind is light years ahead, envisioning what that organization can be and valuing it at a potential that isn’t even there yet.

I also believe in giving back to our community through acts of service and have been a part of many boards, including Boy Scouts, Rotary, UW-River Falls Foundation and St. Croix Valley Foundation. I am a huge fan of the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers and I have always competed in team sports (basketball, volleyball, sailing), all of which formed my business team mentality and my personal core values.

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