Testimonial -  Summit Information Resources

“Chad introduced me to Traction and the Entrepreneurial Operating System, which our Leadership Team self-implemented for 3 years or so. We did a good job self-implementing … I like to say, “we did some of EOS good but none of it great”. I wanted to do all of EOS great and I knew there was no way we could do that without an implementer helping us facilitate. Chad, Steve, Katie and the rest of the RFB team is helping us reach EOS greatness!

We have been growing and evolving for several years and MUCH of the success we are having is due to EOS and now, RFB. There is no way we could have figured out how to make some of the changes we’ve made without RFB and EOS.

Chad has been a critical member of our Leadership Team and has helped us make some very difficult personnel, strategic and investment decisions.

Another reason I wanted to hire RFB is the added component of the Value Builder System. I meet with Chad once a month and talk about building value in the business. I very much enjoy these meetings and feel they are very important.”

–  Dick Noble, President
Summit Information Resources