Testimonial -  Valley Cartage

“The Resultants team has been instrumental in enhancing the leadership skills of our Executive Management Team. The Entrepreneurial Operating System® has been a complete game-changer in the way Valley Cartage approaches business, starting with our weekly management Level 10s and working them down to the departmental levels. Our leaders are well-equipped to run their teams following the EOS® process and driving this down to everyone in the business ensures that we’re heading towards success.

The Resultants haves been directly involved in our quarterly and annual executive team sessions and have helped to facilitate the topics covered and information shared to ensure we gain traction and are moving forward, focused on the right stuff. They’ve even worked with us to face the sometimes difficult tasks and we’ve overcome some tough obstacles with their guidance.

As the President & CEO of Valley Cartage, the EOS® model has really helped me to become a better leader for the company overall and I’m grateful for what The Resultants have done for me on a personal level.

The Resultants truly have become a part of the Valley Cartage team – we’re partners – they’re engaged and invested in our success as a company and that’s very rare to find in the business world today. We come out of our sessions with them and we know we’re headed towards great things!”

– Todd Gilbert, President & CEO
Valley Cartage

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