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Founder | SHRM Certified-SPC | Certified Value Builder™

“Thank you for giving me back my life. Now I know I make a big difference at work but even more importantly, I’m making a difference at home. My wife and kids want to thank you too.”

This is one of my favorite comments by a leadership team member we’ve been honored to serve. This person was struggling to find significance in the work world, hitting a ceiling in his position at the same time the business hit its own ceiling. He felt that leaving the team was his only alternative but once we peeled back the onion of various issues and established a safe environment from which to strategize and execute, his team began to move themselves and the business forward at a remarkable pace.

I enjoy working as a team at The Resultants™ to establish that safe, honest platform from which others can develop into strong leaders. My strengths are learning, researching and collecting as much business strategies and entrepreneurial experiences I can to help others in their quest to transform to a more valuable business – no matter what your definition of value is. As part of building out strong teams of great people, I allow strengths to thrive, individuals to become fearless leaders and teams to gain the insight needed to drive any organization.

I look at every business we serve as having its own unique personality. What powers this uniqueness, as well as what can hold a business back, is found within that personality. Business development means on-going, continuous improvement, just like climbing a ladder, building more value at every rung.

When it comes to developing a business, I am in my comfort zone. Who wouldn’t be after creating, managing and transitioning seven businesses and working side-by-side with my husband? I understand the inner workings of family and business relationships. My years as an entrepreneur, family business advisor, HR certified professional and teacher-trainer have blended to form the business coach I am today.

An avid reader, writer and flavored coffee drinker, I enjoy creating people strategies that build momentum. As a retired dancer and fitness trainer, I am now quietly dancing to the beat of my own drum in the privacy of my home! However, I am a Wisconsin Badger fan through and through so I still dance publicly during 5th quarter.

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