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Harness the Power of Technology for Remote Work

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Digital tools offer a powerful new way to accelerate the ability of an organization to work more effectively and collaboratively, from anywhere.

However, resistance to change and disparate toolsets impede your business’s growth, slowing down collaboration and communication. And unstructured and ungoverned collaborative remote work technologies introduce additional business risk.

So how do you provide knowledge and incentivize employees to seamlessly collaborate and drive value, while still managing risk appropriately?

The Resultants recently hosted an event for our clients featuring speaker Judd Moore Product Manager with SUCCESS Computer Consulting. Judd's presentation was chock full of great information that any company, regardless of size, industry or makeup, could benefit from it. You will definitely want to have a pen and notepad ready as you watch it.

SUCCESS Computer Consulting is a Premier Partner of The Resultants. The company provides world-class managed IT and security services for small and medium-sized businesses in the Twin Cities. Their team of consultants and business integration analysts specialize in collaboration methods, modern file sharing, and adoption & change management. If you are looking for an IT company to work with, we strongly recommend them.

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