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Positive Market Disruption

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Positive market disruption is a marketing strategy that focuses on driving leads through the practice of creating media that is original, creative and unique, generates top of mind awareness and drives the viewer to take action. Most companies try to achieve this but due to their busy schedules, often fall into templated marketing that causes frustration and a lack of results.

In addition, coming out of COVID has left many businesses with questions on how they should market. Our response is emphatically: Go Digital! The internet is being used now more than ever. It is critical that you develop and execute a strategic digital plan to help you climb in online rankings, grow brand awareness and drive leads through your web platforms.

If there has ever been a time to be creative and try new things, it is NOW. How can you:

  • Best determine what goes into a digital plan

  • Use video to achieve a completely different result

  • Utilize high-end media to drive more inbound applications to your open positions

  • Try some more “wacky” media to capture attention

The Resultants recently hosted an event for our clients featuring Brian Knight, President of Bullseye Media. Brian's presentation was all about how to craft your marketing strategy to capture the attention of your intended audience quickly and positively. I personally left with at least a page of notes, tips and tricks. My favorite line was "poke the bear but make sure there's a cage in front of you first" - a very good reminder to try something new and different.

Bullseye Media is a creative media agency in Minneapolis that focuses on creative campaigns, video production, web development and social media management. They work with companies across the country, both large and small, including John Deere, Country Hearth Bread, Xcel Energy, Toro and many more. Their team consists of 30+ in-house professionals who live and breathe their clients’ brands and stop at nothing to create positive market disruption and obtain client goals.


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