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Take Care of Your People | Roadmap for 2021

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

As glimmers of hope begin to emerge signaling the end of the pandemic, it is time to take inventory of the things that have been learned and how those things will shape business strategy going forward. As some employers start to bring their employees back to work and others mull it over, leaders and managers may be eager to put 2020’s massive, sudden work from home experiment behind them.

However, the era of everyone working full-time in centralized workspaces appears to be gone for good. Organizations competing for talent will need to offer a mix of in-office and remote work – or a fully remote workforce. Because of the shift, it may be more accurate to view 2020’s abrupt transition as the foundation for must haves:

  • A work-from home policy that may be more flexible than anything you’ve offered in the past

  • Execution of remote recruiting & onboarding

  • A plan for managing & retaining remote employees

  • A strategy to extend corporate culture in a hybrid environment

How can you successfully take care of your people in a remote or hybrid work environment?

The Resultants recently hosted an event for our clients featuring Kristen Baas, Nick Christoffer and David Grossman of Insperity. This open forum presentation was chock full of great information that any company, regardless of size, industry or makeup, could benefit from. You will definitely want to have a pen and notepad ready as you watch it.

Insperity is a Premier Partner of The Resultants. A trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for 35 years, Insperity provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance. Whether you have ten employees or 5,000, Insperity’s business solutions are tailored to helping you run your business more efficiently. If you are looking for an HR Resource company to work with, we strongly recommend them.


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