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The Resultants® are proud of our work. Whether it’s helping entrepreneurs determine a clear path to their preferred future, coaching leadership teams to become the best they can be or ensuring desired outcomes when transitioning a business, we deliver results.


We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, across a wide variety of industries, and of all shapes and sizes. Take a few moments and read through some of their stories.


"The Resultants have been instrumental in helping our business through greater alignment within and between teams, better focus around key goals and increased accountability."


"The Resultants have been an incredible partner for Simek’s. We attribute much of our recent success to The Resultants and I believe we are an even stronger company because of our relationship with the team behind the team."


"The Resultants truly have become a part of the Valley Companies team - we’re partners. They’re engaged and invested in our success as a company and that’s very rare to find in the business world today."


"The Resultants helped us take our $3M company to a $5M company in one year. The Resultants Team has one passionate goal and that is to help you improve your business!"


“Our company was having difficultly keeping pace with the disruption sweeping the media industry. The Resultants helped us create a more consistent transformation, starting with the clarification of our values and vision for the future and communicating those principals to the entire team.”


"The Resultants have been a great partner to FCP Services. Chad has always been a great resource, facilitator and coach! I highly recommend The Resultants."


"As a result of working with The Resultants, there is a more deliberate decision-making process in place today than ever before."


"The Resultants were instrumental to our growth into a value-minded company. NFS is a far better company for having partnered with The Resultants."

"Having The Resultants available as personal support in issue problem-solving and department and process development was invaluable."


"Because of The Resultants' work, our senior staff has developed into a leadership team that is working together on growing and managing the business. The results show in every part of our organization, especially the bottom line!"

“After one year of self-implementing, it was clear we were not getting the full impact of the system without expert help. If you want to experience a positive impact on your business performance, engage The Resultants to work with you and your team ASAP.”

"The Resultants brought tools and expertise to help TLC Electronics rebuild our foundation. On this, we have started seeing aggressive growth, healthy numbers and a positive workforce."


"The Resultants' clear and concise approach has been beneficial as we navigate through the everyday challenges of today's business environment."


"At first, the team was apprehensive about bringing in an outside advisory firm, but when the initial engagement came up for renewal, every single member of the management team said, ‘We want The Resultants here!’"


"We did a good job self-implementing ... I like to say, “we did some of it good but none of it great”. Chad, Katie and the rest of The Resultants team is helping us
reach greatness!"


"Before we started with Chad and The Resultants, we read the book Traction and thought we’d be able to self-implement. My advice to others in that situation, don’t."


"Since working with The Resultants, we have doubled our profits while creating a happy and healthy work culture for our customers and employees."


"I can’t say that we wouldn’t have been able to get to this place in the absence of your program, but I do know we wouldn’t have gotten there as quickly."


"I would recommend The Resultants to any business looking to scale and drive profitable growth."


“Without The Resultants, we would never have had such immediate results in both implementation of new processes and resolving issues."


"The Resultants helped us to discover the opportunities within our business that we have been overlooking for years. They are simply as good as it gets!"


"We highly recommend Jerry and The Resultants to any business leader looking to take their business to another level."


"What a difference a year makes! We got more done in the first year with The Resultants than we did in several years prior.

I am impressed."

Case Studies
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