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People Strategies in a Full Employment Economy

How One Company Achieved a Nearly-Full Employee Capacity During a Full Employment Economy

Like many businesses, a Resultants client was having a difficult time hiring for a few key positions that pay well but are hard to fill. As a small business, having 12 open positions was severely affecting their productivity. Fast forward one year and they have achieved and retained a nearly-full staff, even in this full employment economy. So, what changes did this team make that kicked everything into gear?

People and Process

Process, a key component of EOS®, enforces having systems in place to ensure quality standards are being met. After a few years of struggling to find (and keep) the right people, the company hired a rockstar Human Resources Generalist who went to work on updating the company’s recruiting and hiring processes. Once processes were defined, it was much easier to identify and address issues before they could negatively affect the company.

People and Culture

A huge part of retaining the right people is ensuring they actually like to work at your company. Though our client’s culture wasn’t terrible, there were a few changes that, once addressed, made a world of difference in the eyes of its employees. The right people were staying and contributing and the wrong people moved on. The end result is a healthy culture that attracts the right people and supports employees to a point where their co-workers become an extension of their family.

In a tight labor market, your company’s success is dependent on more than just top and bottom line management. Good employees who are engaged are also critical to success. If you’re ready to address recruiting, hiring and culture issues, let us know!

Author, Jerry Olson, is a Business Advisor with The Resultants™. To learn more about Jerry, visit our Team Page or connect with him on Linkedin.


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