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Team Spotlight: Jenelle Dehmlow

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

At The Resultants, we believe in fostering a culture that values and celebrates each and every member of our team. From our experienced Business Advisors to the dedicated administrative staff keeping everything on track, our employees are the heartbeat of our organization.

Today we’re highlighting one such individual as a part of our Team Spotlight series. In this series, we delve into the stories and experiences of our incredible team members whose passion and dedication exemplify the true spirit of The Resultants.

Jenelle Dehmlow: Senior Client Account Manager, Director of Fun, Scheduling Extraordinaire

For nine years now, we’ve been fortunate to have Jenelle as an integral part of our Client Services Team.

As our Senior Client Account Manager, Jenelle spends a full-day with each of her Client teams every quarter and annually. During these meetings, you can find her skillfully scribing notes, capturing any issues or actions, and making updates on the fly.

Jenelle also operates behind the scenes throughout the year, working with Senior Business Advisor Steve Wilcox to support clients’ leadership teams and coordinate travel plans.

“I’ve always enjoyed supporting people; it comes very naturally to me,” explains Jenelle. “When I can take something off someone’s plate so they can go do what they’re good at, that’s what makes me feel fulfilled.”

During the “Client Quarterly” season, she and Steve will meet with their roster of 9 or more client teams for sessions that last 8-12 hours long each. And because they meet clients wherever they happen to be, it can make for a busy, nationwide travel itinerary, sometimes with delayed or canceled flights. If that happens, Jenelle feels blessed to be able to spend a little extra time building relationships with their clients. Sometimes she even manages to squeeze in some adventures with the team.

“We definitely have fun when we travel! And I’m always learning something from Steve,” says Jenelle. “He has a lot of knowledge, so I feel lucky that I get that time with him.”

When she’s not spending time with clients, you can find Jenelle catching up in her home office, updating Client Account Manager (CAM) processes and procedures, collaborating with the other CAM’s to maintain their systems, onboarding and training new team members, and preparing for the next round of full-day sessions.

“We live by our calendars!” she quips.

Oh, and did we mention that Jenelle is also our official Director of Fun? Whether it’s a team event, community service outing, or a holiday party, Jenelle’s our go-to gal.

“With our team primarily working remotely, it’s especially important to get everyone together in person,” she explains. Recently, Jenelle organized the 4th annual Resultants Golf Outing so the team could enjoy some friendly competition.

Aside from building lasting client relationships, Jenelle highly values her professional relationships within The Resultants family. “We are a small but mighty team, each bringing our own strengths, experience, and passion for helping our clients, our communities, and each other.”

Now Jenelle is helping to expand The Resultants team with our brand-new Business Advisor Certification Program. This program aims to provide a robust learning and onboarding experience for new team members who align with our core values.

“We’ve all worked really hard to build this program," shares Jenelle. “It will help familiarize new Business Advisors with our clients and integrate them into our model and team. We’re really excited about it!”

Outside of work, you can find Jenelle traveling, enjoying time on the golf course, and cheering on her favorite sports teams. She also enjoys entertaining, whether it's BBQ or wine night, super bowl party, or an average Tuesday night dinner.

“Being around family and friends is what fills my cup,” she says.

To learn more about Jenelle Dehmlow, visit our Team Page or connect with her on LinkedIn.


The Resultants Team

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