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Why DIY with EOS: How Self-Implementing Companies Achieve Success

The Entrepreneurial Operating System®, more commonly known as EOS or Traction, has helped thousands of business owners get what they want out of their business. While “what they want” may be unique to every owner, the process and system is the same – making the goal more achievable regardless of industry, geography and company size.

The EOS model consists of six key components and is built on timeless, proven business concepts and principles. The creator of EOS and author of Traction, Gino Wickman, acknowledges the inspiration and influence of world-renowned business authors and coaches including Vern Harnish, Pat Lencioni, Dan Sullivan, and Jim Collins.  It is a simple and practical method of running your business, enabling owners and their management team to achieve powerful results.

Because it is simple in nature, many business owners elect to go the DIY route, in other words, “self-implement”.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mark Francis to talk about his experience with EOS.  Mark describes himself as “an Expert Generalist…an integrative force and good manager who runs good projects, departments and teams.”  His career has taken the form of running company-wide and departmental projects, turning teams around, establishing processes, and taking on the EOS Integrator role. Mark’s experience has given him an insider’s perspective on EOS implementation.  Here’s what he had to say…

A number of companies read “Traction” and elect to self-implement the EOS tools which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These companies realize some results as they get a taste of these powerful and unifying tools. However, teams are made up of fallible human beings whose discipline can waver and deteriorate. As a result, they typically experience a loss of momentum. So what can a self-implementing company do to get the most out of their EOS efforts? The answer is to get out of DIY mode and talk to a professional. Professional implementers [or Business Advisors] know how to bring accountability, discipline and re-commitment into the process so companies are able to achieve more success than when on their own. A professional advisor does everything self-implementers are uncomfortable doing such as calling out tangents, truly identifying issues and setting meaningful quarterly goals while always digging deeper on the tools. If your leadership team is stalling or has made an unsuccessful attempt at self-implementing, consider contacting a professional, like The Resultants, for a conversation on how you can get the most of the world’s best operating system.”  ~Mark Francis

The Resultants is a leading Twin Cities business advisory firm that works alongside business owners and executive leadership to implement the framework and tools proven to make companies great. Utilizing Traction/EOS and the Value Builder System™, they help owners get what they want out of their business.  Whether you’ve been self-implementing EOS, or have only just heard about it, talk to a Resultants Advisor if you are ready to take your organization to the next level faster and with more enjoyment. 

Author, Steve Wilcox, is President and Senior Business Advisor with The Resultants™. To learn more about Steve, visit our Team Page or connect with him on Linkedin.


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